Compliant Security & Commodity Crypto

Stokens provides a compliant platform where members can list, buy and sell ownership in companies, cryptocurrencies, coupons, stable coins and other digital assets.

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Idea Review

Review and advise on the feasibility of your project.

Document Preparation

Preparation and vetting of all necessary documents.

Strategic Planning

We will help strategize and plan for the success of your project.

Global Marketing

Stokens offers exceptional global exposure supported by an experienced team.

Coin Creation

We help design the structure and implementation of your coin.

Coin & Stoken Sale

Stokens will facilitate the sale of your coin: Private Sale, Pre-Sale, and Main Sale.

Stokens Team

The Stokens team is comprised of global experts in the creation, sale & exchange of compliant cryptocurrency.

JOHN GOTTS | Director, CEO

John is the foremost global expert on compliant coins. He co-wrote the best memorandum to date on the subject by meeting with the founders and attorneys of many of the top Coins, including a retired SEC Commissioner. John Wright Gotts has invested more than 20,000 hours researching how to create compliant digital securities (stokens) and commodities (crypto-currency).

John Gotts
Roel Campos

ROEL CAMPOS |  Attorney

Roel Campos is a Partner at Hughes, Hubbard & Reed, a Washington D.C law firm established in 1887 and with a bench of retired US, Dept. of Justice and SEC attorneys. Mr Campos was an SEC Commissioner.


David has been a senior consultant in the banking industry for a quarter of a century, managing hundreds of billions in low risk assets and providing guidance to some of the largest financial institutions in the USA, Canada, EU and the UK.

David Bolocan

Our advisors include State lawmakers who recognize the benefits of compliant cryptocurrency

Former Oregon Senator Sal Esquivel

Sal & Jan Esquivel

Former Oregon Senator

New Mexico Representative Bill Rehm

Bill Rehm

New Mexico Representative

Utah Representative Lee Perry

Lee Perry

Utah Representative

Former Idaho Senator Marv Hagedorn

Marv Hagedorn

Former Idaho Senator

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Learn Why the STKN
is Not a Security

Security & Commodity Coins

When purchasing commodity and security coins, you should understand what is considered compliant by global laws.


Understanding Risk

Buying and selling assets of any kind is risky, but crypto comes with its own unique set of risks and financial loss.

An opportunity listed on the website is not guaranteed in any way to succeed. The buying and selling of any asset is risky, with a high likelihood of loss. Startup companies and more established investible opportunities have a failure rate of ~75% and all investments carry risk of loss. Never risk more than you can afford to lose and always do your own due-diligence on any opportunity you consider for investment.

We are not broker/dealers, we do not charge success fees on listed deals, nor do we negotiate for investors or those listing opportunities on We are not attorneys and we do not provide legal advice. We are not financial advisors and we do not provide financial advice.

Stokens is a place for accredited investors to find investible opportunities and for those listing opportunities to find investors. Registered members receive emails with targeted opportunities based on their registration information, updates on opportunities they are following and a list of opportunities they can review.

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