How To Create Your Ethereum Address And Deposit Your ETH for purchases at

To receive ERC20 tokens you’ll need to give us your Ethereum address (A public wallet address). This will be the address from which you send Ether to our client accounts, and to which your purchased ERC20 tokens are sent.

We track your payment amount by linking your Ethereum address with your account at

There is a special requirement to properly credit your payment:

  • You can not pay by sending Ether from an exchange such as Coinbase, Kraken, or anywhere else. You must create your own Ethereum wallet and use that address to send your payment.

Here is how to create your own wallet, how to send your Ether from somewhere like Coinbase to your wallet, and how to send your Ether to our clients' smart contracts to complete your purchase.

Step 1: Create Your Ethereum Address

There are many different Ethereum wallets, and most of them are okay to use. We recommend MyEtherWallet for those of you who are unfamiliar with different wallets. It’s the most user-friendly.

Go to and follow the instructions to create your wallet. Make sure to save the website in your browser favorites, so you don’t click on a phishing link the next time you try to visit.

1.) Visit

2.) Create your wallet with a strong password. Make sure you save the password somewhere because there is NO way to recover your password if you lose it! Saving it on a piece of paper in addition to anywhere digital is the best approach.

3.) Download your Keystore File and save it. This file combined with your password unlocks your wallet.

4.) Save your private key somewhere safe. Do not lose it and do not send us your private key. If you own one, use a printer to get a paper wallet as well.

5.) On the next page, you’ll need to unlock your wallet to find your address. You can either upload the Keystore File you just downloaded, or enter in the Private Key you just saved. You’ll also be prompted to type in your password if you use the Keystore option.

6.) Once you’ve unlocked your wallet, you’ll see your account balance and your Ethereum address. In this example, we’re blurred part of the address. This is your public Ethereum address, which you need to submit to us (Just to clarify, your public address will be the one that starts with 0x. Do not send us your private key)

Now you have your Ethereum address. To purchase tokens/coins from our clients you need to do 3 things.

Step 2: Send Ethereum To Your Address

Use Coinbase or Kraken to buy Ether with USD or EUR or whatever your local currency might be. You can also use a local exchange if Coinbase/Kraken doesn’t work in your country.

Once you own some Ether, send a small amount to your MyEtherWallet address.

Send a small amount first to make sure you are familiar with the process, and have copied your address correctly.

Some exchanges are a bit slow to transfer funds, so you may need to wait 30 minutes or more for the transfer to complete.

Once the Ether shows up in your MyEtherWallet address, you know the process works, and you can send the remainder of your Ether to your MyEtherWallet address.

Step 3: Tell Us Your Ethereum Address

Once you’ve proven to yourself that your new MyEtherWallet address is working, you can tell us your address (your public Ethereum address is the one starting with 0x) and we will record it. Remember, you will only be able to be credited with your purchases using this recorded address, and it CANNOT be an exchange address (otherwise we cannot differentiate between other people and you on the exchange). This is why you created a unique address in the steps above.

To finish your setup, login at and click "Account" in the main menu.

Enter your Ethereum address in the area provided and click "Update".

After you purchase commodity or security tokens at they will be delivered to your registered Ethereum account address. (As mentioned elsewhere in this web site, you must prove identity and accredited investor status to purchase security tokens.)

Step 4: Purchase Commodity and Security Coins

During a client company coin or security token sale at, there are two ways to purchase coins and security tokens. You can pay with Ether from your registered wallet, or you can make a bank transfer to the client company's designated bank account. If you wish to purchase using Bitcoin, Litecoin, or some other crypto-currency that you own, you must use an exchange to convert to Ether and send the Ether to your registered wallet. We regret this inconvenience, but it helps to guarantee that your payments to our clients are properly credited, so that you are assured of receiving the coins that you purchased.

Log in at

Review the listed active coin or company offerings, and click on an offering of interest. That will display a page of detailed information about the company and its offerings.

To purchase a coin click on the "Buy Coins" button. (To purchase a security token click on the "Invest" button.) That will take you to a page where you can determine the cost of a purchase in various common currencies. The following image shows the case for a coin offering.

With the number of coins or value amount selected click a Continue button.

You will then see a page where you can affirm that you understand and accept the risk of purchasing any crypto currency.

Read the risk warning and click to proceed if you agree and accept the risk.

You will then be shown the account to which your payment must be sent. In the example we have smudged the account address. What appears during checkout is an Ethereum contract address for the company selling the tokens.

To complete your purchase with your Ethereum wallet go back to and use the “Send Ether & Tokens” tab.

On the next page, it will ask you to unlock your wallet, just like you did earlier. You can use your private key as well, but in this example we’re using the Keystore File since it’s more secure.

Next, on this page, enter the coin seller's Ethereum address that was displayed in the instructions on where to send payment.

Make sure Gas Price does not exceed 50 Gwei.

This refers to the small transaction fee that Ethereum miners charge for the transfer.

Enter the amount of Ethereum you’d like to send and click “Generate Transaction”. Change the gas limit to 150,000.

Once you complete this process successfully, paying with Ether to the coin sellers' smart contract, you will see a proof of the transaction in the “Transaction History”.

Purchase Directly with USD or EUR

If you select USD or EUR as the payment currency during checkout you will be shown instructions to make a bank transfer. Those instructions are displayed after agreeing to the risk statement. You will transfer money directly to a bank account designated by the company selling the tokens.

Bank transfers can take several days, and must be acknowledged by the token seller to to complete the purchase process. In that case there is no blockchain "Transaction History", but you have your bank records as proof of purchase, and an email from will contain your intended transaction details.

If you have questions about this process, feel free to reach out to us via email at