Stokens Invented

The Legal ICO

There are Two Legal Public Coin Types:

stokens - securities (SEC Oversight)

tokens - commodities (CFTC Oversight)

All Stoken Funds & Public ICOs

Are Incorporated in Delaware to
Provide the Best Investor Protection

Stokens Creates Single-Focused Funds

Providing Liquidity & Investment
Granularity for Accredited Investors

Stokens Utilizes the United States JOBS Act

For Investor-Protected Public ICOs

Stokens Invests Long-Term in Each ICO

Consulting Companies for 3-5 Years
After the Initial Coin Offering

Proof of Identity is Required

To Own Any Coins

Non-Accredited Investors

May Purchase Any Token
or Public Stoken

Accredited Investors

May Purchase Any Token and Any Stoken

All Stoken Members Who've Proven Identity

Receive Free Air-Dropped Tokens and
May Participate in Public ICOs

Members Who Refer Friends

Receive Reservation Tokens
For Early Access to ICOs

The Stokens Exchange

Is Expected to Open in Early January
for Trading Legal Stokens & Tokens


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