In 2014 we invented the legal way to trade security tokens (stokens) and commodities (tokens).

Over the last three years Switzerland invented the "not-a-company" foundation model, referred to now as toxicoins. The toxicoin model was copied by Singapore, Gibraltar, Estonia, Lithuania and other countries willing to help entrepreneurs get around the rules, regulations & laws of the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). These regulations are meant to protect US investors against financial loss from fraud.

Additionally, illegal exchanges popped up providing liquidity for toxicoins. These exchanges do not have proper SEC and/or CFTC approval or licensing, nor proper broker/dealer licensing nor money transfer licensing, nor do they perform KYC/AML verification to prevent criminal activity like money laundering, nor do they make accreditation checks. It's likely when the SEC & CFTC begin enforcing their rules, regulations & laws that many of these exchanges will cease to exist.

At we are venture capitalists, performing due-diligence on potential investments, just as investors have done for decades. We don't believe in the power of the white paper so much as the team's ability to execute on a demonstrable, defensible business plan.

We serve as advisors and prefer longterm consulting roles, helping with operations, business development, sales, marketing, advertising, human resources, investor relations and finance.

Investors in our funds and listed opportunities have peace of mind that we vet each opportunity to the best of our ability, typically backing less than 1 in 100 deals we review. We serve on the boards of the companies we consult and deliver timely updates as well as quarterly & annual reports to investors. We also require quarterly and/or annual audits of company funds.

Stokens partnered with the core BitShares team, which provides our investors with the best of the best decentralized exchanges, and will operate with all licenses required by the SEC & CFTC.

Stokens partnered with a Capitol Hill law firm, whose attorneys literally helped author the JOBS Act, providing us with the best of the best legal minds in the securities, commodities and money transfer space. This provides our investor and entrepreneurial clients with the assurance that each and every Stokens ICO will follow the rules, regulations & laws of the SEC & CFTC.

If you register as a member you can review opportunities.

If you go through KYC/AML you can reserve/purchase commodity tokens. This costs $3 and is a one-time membership fee.

If you go through KYC/AML and the accreditation process you may invest in stokens. This costs $75 and is required once every ten years if you invest in a stoken.

If you do not invest in a stoken within three months the law states that you must redo your accreditation every three months. We do not make a profit from this fee, we follow the law.

After you have completed registration and KYC/AML you will have access to your Stoken Wallet.

Airdropped, free coins to members always appear in your Stokens Wallet.

Purchased stokens & tokens appear in your wallet at the end of a successful fundraising event.


New opportunities are added to the site as they are discovered.

The Stoken Exchange is expected to open on December 15, 2017.

All stokens & tokens will trade exclusively on member exchanges and this exchange information will be provided individually with each stoken or token offering.

Stokens, Inc. invented granularity & liquidity of tokenized company investments in 2014 and we've taken nearly four years to bring it to fruition with the best of the best partners.


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