Welcome to Stokens.

We have developed a legal way to buy and sell securities utilizing tokens on the blockchain.




  1. any form of digitized or tokenized security.

Accredited investors or those living outside the United States may participate.

What are the advantages of a Stoken?

Stokens are Smart Contract based, meaning that they live on the blockchain.
Some inherent benefits included are:

  • Trading capacity of over 100,000 transactions per second.
  • Trade fees averaging fractions of pennies.
  • Fiat withdrawals with a flat fee of 3%.
  • No middleman, no clearing house, no waiting.

The blockchain allows Stokens to become the Angel List of Cryptocurrencies, having unrivaled investment granularity and liquidity for all parties.

learn more about BitShares, the blockchain used by Stokens

We Bring Venture Capital Into the 21st Century.

Investor Protection

Our world-class vetting of companies and investors, combined with our tireless worldwide regulation compliance seeks to protect investors to the greatest extent possible.


Free and rapid exchange of Stokens on the blockchain allows liquidity never before seen in Venture Capital. This is in stark contrast to the typical old-model 10 year lock in period.


Invest in one company or one hundred, you decide. Build your own portfolio of global startups changing the way we live.

Corporate Relations

In the old model, companies are treated like cattle. With Stokens, large monolithic companies are no longer deciding who gets funding and who does not. We treat every company fairly. Once a company has been vetted, it is up to you to decide if they recieve funding.


No longer are capitalization tables held hostage in a lawyers office. Audit stakeholders and company financials in minutes on the blockchain.

Investing for the Future

Stokens are the future of investing. In the same way that email replaced the fax, Stokens will replace the Venture Capitalist.